Kings Have Long Arms – Re-enter The Two Tone Deaf

Kings Have Long Arms – Re-enter The Two Tone Deaf


  1. Re-enter The Two Tone Deaf
  2. Rambo’s Bullworker




7″ (limited to 300 copies)


Sold out!


“The bastard son of Mark E Smith and Phil Oakey, a Salfordian who found sonic sanctuary in Sheffield, Adrian Flanagan makes dirty, fucked-up electronic pop, and rather grand it is too. Assisted here by a Fat Trucker Ross and a member of I Monster, this is the sound of the Addam’s Family and Cabaret Voltaire beating a mad tramp to death with several large analogue synths. He calls it ‘rocktronica’. We’ll settle for ‘ace’. Just think: if electroclash had started in Yorkshire, not New York, this is what it would have sounded like.”

(Review by Tony Naylor, NME, 10th August 2002)

“From a label with some of the freshest electronic produce of late – and partly responsible for introducing the genius of Cursor Miner onto the world – comes another ball-bending 7″ of diy punk-electro with a lick of the pop paint. Jagged vocals cut across wonky, haunted-house synth-grooves on these two bona fide future-pop anthems. So different, and wonderful for it.”

(4/5 dancing men, review by Gavin Weale, Seven Update, August 21 2002)

“I suppose this is best described as electro un-pop or rocktronica (their term rather than mine), given that it is a two track 7″ of punky and abrasive vocals with a musical backdrop of breakbeat electronics and processed guitars. Groovy and rather catchy!”